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It’s unclear if that rule on ballot access, which reserves unspecified rights to denial of access for infractions other than supporting Democratic or third-party candidates, would apply to say publicly supporting Strange or a write-in campaign from Sessions.Lathan also told on Monday that it’s “very unlikely” that the steering committee will take the nomination and their individual endorsements away from Moore.

“The governor is not considering and has no plans to move the special election for U. Senate,” the governor’s spokesperson told CBS News.For the 2016 Senate election, which the incumbent Shelby won, the court ruled that Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill had been in the right when he barred independent candidate Rocky De La Fuente from the general-election ballot, since De La Fuente had run in the primary as a Democrat.Merrill, who has reaffirmed his support of Moore pending investigation of the allegations, clarified that rule to me, saying that “the sore loser rule doesn’t really apply here, because only two candidates made the ballot on time.” If the election were postponed, then the sore-loser law would come into effect for candidates trying to make it on the ballot in time.A complicated labyrinth of Alabamian election laws makes it difficult to force Moore out or replace him with another Republican candidate, and accordingly, Republicans in the state appear to be in no hurry to force him to step aside.As reports, the Alabama Republican Party’s central steering committee plans to meet this week to discuss Moore’s nomination, which only they can withdraw.