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Read on to find out how to grow your online dating business…The Content Marketing Institute found that 91% of B2C companies are using content marketing strategies to primarily increase engagement, promote brand awareness and to attract, nurture and generate leads.In fact, he revealed that the company’s lifestyle-focused articles published on Facebook were its “best-performing tool,” according to Digiday.Marketers have also incorporated more humor into their content which has helped, including “emoji quizzes” and fun dating tips.“When I became CEO a year ago, there were a number of things that needed changing,” said e Harmony’s Grant Langston in an interview with Digiday.

Our We launched this affordable 9000 visitors monthly traffic package to help advertise small businesses on the internet.Marketing an online dating site by distributing content such as news, videos, e Books, infographics and blogs with the objective of lead generation and brand engagement, is a rapidly growing trend within the online dating industry.Because of the increase in companies using content marketing strategies to achieve their marketing goals, your content now has to be better than ever. You are probably bursting with ideas for lots of fun pieces of content, but before that, you need to establish why you need to create a content strategy in the first place. Are you looking to climb search engine results for certain keywords? Once you’ve clarified your goals, you need now to establish who you’re creating your content strategy for.In addition to social media advertising spend, e Harmony will be rolling out a new logo to reflect the changes to its service, which includes a faster sign-up process (historically a huge detractor for potential users, with a questionnaire that could take 45 minutes to complete), a new matchmaking algorithm, and sleeker designs.To help you build an effective content marketing strategy, our friends at We Love Dates have shared some expert tips and advice with us through this guest article.