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I mentioned her in my post about skating HERE, she’s the one who walks on ice.

Sometimes it feels like she just sort of latched onto us and just never let go.

One thing you learn when Mooching, is that there’s always some sort of equality. I let Kasia Mooch off of me, and she lets me do the same.

With others, They let me mooch off of them, and I let them complain about their problem(s), and do my best to help if I can. Now that I’m older and legal, one example is between Meghan and I.

These are things said in , in Mooching it’s so little it’s not even said, it’s an unwritten code, a secret handshake, an inside joke of sorts. It’s like someone gets a slice of cake and you eat most of it. People you never even met now have preconceived notions about you and your character.

So when a Mooching incident gets into that sort of territory, it’s irritating. What makes them a worse Mooch can be one or both of two things: 1) They Mooch expensive things. If you’re not in the least bit remorseful about it, or are cocky about it, it’s more than irritating, it’s something that gets you put into “That Annoying Person” category in people’s minds. There is one such person in THAT category for me, and it’s gotten to the point that I get pissed off when even thinking about her.

Hell, my best friend from High school mooched off of me all the time. I don’t mean she’s good at getting all my food/drink from me, because THAT’S not Mooching well. That is being a Mooch 😡 What I am, is a Mooch 😉 To Mooch well you have to be happy with getting a small amount.

If you get too greedy, no one will be willing to give you any of their snacks, they won’t be willing to share with you.

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If I’m remembering correctly, Eleanor wanted me to grab her a Girls Night Out (a weird wine, and I’m not really a wine drinker, but to each their own), and I’m pretty sure Meghan wanted me to grab her more Vodka, and maybe something else, but this was a while ago. I enjoy liquor and mixed drinks, so I was planning on getting a few Breezers, some spiced rum to go in Coke Zero, some Disaronno to mix with Orange Juice, and more apple juice to go with the Fireball I already had.Melissa says “I don’t drink” while eyeing my Bacardi Breezer with some curiosity. Eleanor, who does drink, drinks wine, and doesn’t get as drunk as either Meghan or I, but she has fun with it.One time, it was decided that because we had the time and the lessening of work to do it, we were going to have a drinking night.Daniel Howell, previously known under the username danisnotonfire, is a British You Tuber.Dan's videos span a lot of different topics and formats, though he rarely does straight-forward vlogging.